Breathe is our wellness & yoga program of over 40 offerings from yoga, to cacao ceremonies that contains more modalities from world renowned teachers than 5 yoga & wellness retreats combined.

2022 offerings will be released soon!

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Breathe with me is part of our wellness program and a core pillar of our vision. Its programs are designed with the intention of helping you navigate the path of life into a healthier and happier being. 

  • One of the activities that you won’t want to miss is the Wave Silent Disco Headphones, where the guests are guided through a mindful movement and dance experience on the sand that fosters well being and meaningful connections to oneself, nature and community.
  • If you are interested in the development and implementation of your own personalized plans based on your unique genetic profile, check out The DNA Company. Founder Kashif Khan used functional genomics to rise above a legacy of hardship, family illness, and optimized his mental, physical and spiritual health. This program can help you prevent and overcome chronic disease, aging and poor performance.
  • DoTerra (a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”) was founded in 2008, and their vision is to bring essential oils to the world. They offer the highest quality and purest oils in order to promote health and wellness to your loved ones.
  • Shamanic Tonic is South Florida’s artisan superfood / superherb elixir and artisan wellness line. They’ve been serving raw chocolate and ceremonial elixirs and alchemical remedies since 2015.
  • We welcome Bagua Center to our event this year along with its caring platform that promotes wellness activities..
  • Sabrina Badeaux, a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher and Wellness entrepreneur, founded Kaneshun in 2016. The brand’s etho is based on the principle that we are all connected, specifically through breath and energy.
  • Joining us as well is Pam Butler, where she will share part of her return to life program. We look forward to her teachings on getting back to where you want to be. 

Breathe with me is designed to aid you in the process to unlock and enhance your potential as well as enrich your life.