What is Play With Me


Play with me is part of our family and children’s activities. Capturing and inspiring a child’s imagination, tapping into their boxless creativity, and showing them the wonders those things can create, is pivotal in nurturing the next generation of creative thinkers.

Thanksgiving weekend family activities will include art exhibits, art classes, interactive art, take home art creations, large scale art but we don’t stop there.

  • The Movement will be hosting dance classes from break dancing to tik tok dancing to salsa classes.
  • Rico Loop will teach a class on making music and being part of a collective creation.
  • Lil Guru’s will have yoga and meditation offerings.
  • Kids & Yoga Love Music  helps children develop important skills in a fun, non competitive environment even at a young age.
  • Art as a form of healing; art as a form of happiness; art as a form of expression. Join Paint ‘N Hang during this free flow painting event each day at Art With Me; available for participants of all ages.
  • Join the Press Pause team at the Press Pause ‘Play With Me’ lawn to join in on live interactive games that will make you take a moment to be present and PRESS PAUSE on digital mediums. Prizes will be issued to winners of games!!!
  • Every day, the UNNILOVE foundation will host classes that will bring us closer to nature! Together we will uncover the sacred nature of the earth and recognize the “spirit of place,” through plants, paint and essential oils.
  • In Lil’ Breathe join breathwork expery Stephi Wald as we explore the breath in our body through different practices that are engaging for the child and yourself and a big part is a guided breathing session, where you deeply deeply relax. .
Just to name few because dozens of kid’s programs will be throughout Thanksgiving weekend on Virginia Key Island to make beautiful family memories that hopefully last a lifetime.
The only thing that can add to this experience is that we have made entry for children 12 and under FREE. Doors open at noon with programs running until 8pm.

A weekend of inspiration, family fun, memories, & sunshine making us all truly thankful.