2019 Art with Me Recap

Art With Me highlights of a magical and transformative 2019 festival. We were inspired to be more connected to ourselves, our neighbors and the beautiful world around us. The seeds of change were planted with our Art With Me family through curated art, talks, music, culinary delights, wellness and cultural experiences.

2018 Art with Me Recap

Art With Me highlights of its inaugural 2018 festival. Artists, musicians, chefs, luminaries, teachers and guests joined us from around the world to create magic together. It was also tied to the care with me foundation, making the good times that were had have purpose. We all ultimately joined together to create positive impact and set the stage for years to come.


Art With Me is an international arts, music and cultural festival curated to inspire us to be more connected to ourselves and build awareness about the environmental issues that affect us locally and globally. It is a community-driven festival that curates art, talks, music, wellness and cultural experiences as a platform to inspire change and foster awareness amongst attendees. Our 2020 festival is bigger and better than ever.


For over a decade, conceptual artist, sculptor, and composer Aaron Taylor Kuffner immersed himself in the study of Indonesian Gamelan music. While living for several years in Java and Bali he learned to play the Gamelan, researched the process of making the instruments, cataloged various tuning modalities, and developed his own electronic notation system, all the while gleaning gamelan’s cultural and spiritual significance. 


Illumina is Pablo Gonzales Vargas’ first public creation. After being presented at Burning Man, it engaged the participants of Art with Me 2018. During the experience, participants enter into a state of coherence, or deep harmony with themselves, one another, and the universe. Sensors provided by the HearthMath Institute measure their collective state of coherence, which in turn activates the sculpture’s stunning light-show and soundscape. 


Art With Me Tulum highlights included Agaue by MICHAEL BENISTY, who’s work has been displayed at Burning Man and beyond. This piece tied into our focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Art With Me Festival is a “community-driven arts and cultural event” that offers experiences that are all about “art, sustainability, music, wellness, culinary, and family” and is intended “to inspire change”. More info at ArtWithMe.Org.


Pepe Soho, a Mexican photographer, exhibits the installation “Sanctuary” in the Second Edition of the Eco Cultural Art With Me Festival, which runs until April 28 in Tulum. This piece is an immersive experience in which the artist pays homage to three shrines of mystical and spectacular species of Mexico: that of the Monarch Butterflies, in Michoacán; the Humpback Whale in Baja California Sur; and the Firefly, in Tlaxcala. 


Art With Me’s intention is to inspire guests to connect with themselves by celebrating the creative arts through our six core pillars – Art, music, sustainability, culinary, wellness and culture. We invite you to watch at our all new 2019 ART WITH ME / CWM Recap video just released, sign up for ticket access and more information on our 2020 program on Art With Me on site